Advertising Strategy

I sit with my clients to understand their business thoroughly, their goals, challenges and the bottlenecks they are facing. We then work together to evaluate how their vision aligns with serving their target customers and develop an effective funnel to drive user engagement while, equally keeping in mind the company’s culture and tone of voice.

In the next step, I conduct extensive research on the target audience, for instance, their demographics, interests, professions and other online activities they carry out on a day-to-day basis. This step is particularly crucial as it helps to create Ads with laser-focused targeting.

Media Buying

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with businesses ranging from local companies to international enterprises across various industrial sectors like retail, fashion, automotive, charity, hospitality, environmental, real estate etc. I have created hundreds of campaigns, thousands of ads and spent close to half a million dollar in digital advertising.

Facebook Advertising

I just love how Facebook Ads is shaping up. It has come a long way from its humble beginning and have developed into a robust and powerful advertising platform. To create highly engaging campaigns I will be;

  • Using the audience insights tool to know more about your target audience
  • Selecting the best campaign objective based on your goals
  • Using Power Editor for more advanced options
  • Split testing based on different demographics, placements and interest
  • Using the reporting features to analyse campaign performance
  • Optimising regularly by breaking down the data into key metrics
 Paid Search Marketing

Setting up and managing Google Adwords can be a little tricky because of the inbuilt default settings which are not designed to always work in advertiser’s favour. It is very easy to end up wasting money on unnecessary clicks and impressions.

I am a certified Google Adwords professional and have managed multiple campaigns for my clients. I understand what settings are most appropriate based on the business and it’s campaign objectives. To ensure maximum ROI, some of the actions that I will be regularly taking but not limited to are;

  • Bidding manually on keywords that are highly relevant to the business
  • Maximizing bids on keywords with higher CTR and conversions
  • Creating multiple Ads and ensuring the copies have a strong hook, value proposition and a CTA.
  • Using keyword match types so that the Ads only appear in the most relevant searches
  • Leveraging flexible ‘bid strategy’ tool depending on the campaign objectives
  • Running search term report regularly to find out the actual searches people made on search engines that triggered the Ad and led to a click
 Display Advertising

Google Display Network is a collection of more than a million websites, mobile apps, videos, blogs and other online destination that shows Adwords Ad. GDN lets advertisers reach more than a staggering 80% of Internet users worldwide.

 Creating Display Ads using GDN will allow you to show your Ads on

  • Specific websites that you select using managed placement,
  • Contextually targeted website based on your selected keywords
  • Websites related to your product & services based on the topic you choose.
  • I can do all of this for you and set-up split testing to figure out the best targeting tools for your business.
 Video/Youtube Advertising

There is no denying that Video is the best way to connect with your customers and drive brand awareness. Imagine the number of videos people consume on Facebook News Feed and YouTube each day. Videos help brands to tell their story and immediately grab their customer’s attention. I can create YouTube in-stream Ads making sure they only appear on related channels and pre-roll video.


I am personally a big fan of remarketing and consider it as one of the cleverest inventions of online advertising in recent times. People forget which websites they have visited, remarketing helps to bring them back reminding to complete the unfinished task. It takes targeting your customers to a whole new level. Not only it retargets users who have previously visited your website, but also based on their behaviour, such as, the specific pages they browsed or the actions (download, sign up, purchase) they have taken. From my personal experience, I have seen remarketing campaign reduced the CPA by as much as 60%.

Analytics & Insights

I am a certified Google Analytics professional and can spend hours here totally losing track of time. Analytics describes the inside story, which source the users are coming from, which pages they spent the most amount of time, where they are dropping off, the behaviour of traffic coming from a specific campaign are some of them.

I spend most of my time here, trying to understand the user behaviour whether it is campaign reporting, landing page performance or the overall website performance. I look deep down into the data, break it down into different dimensions and metrics to uncover hidden insights.

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